Spiral4health puts the benefits of high level Geometry at your fingertips.

It interacts with its environment in resonance with biological and geological patterns.

Really impressive: research confirms the energetic improvement of water.

Vitalizer of water, harmonizer of spaces. In short, it is a resonator of harmonic energetic patterns of living beings.

Enter the Spiral world, turn your life around, give it a try!

S4H interacts energetically with the matter of its environment. In tests of sensible crystallization it is verified that it improves the energetic characteristics of the water and of the wine, returning to form patterns of its structure of origin. The natural order.

About the effects on people, knowing that we are 70% water, presumably this device can also interact with the human organism at subtle and energetic levels.

Water energy improvement

In the experiments with sensitive crystallization there is an improvement in its general characteristics. Concluding in the crystallization that this system can be used to restructure a water of good quality that takes time stored.

Wine balancer

There have been many experiences of tastings and tests in which there are changes in the taste and smell of the wine. Sensitive crystallization tests show an overall improvement in the structure of the wine.

Harmonization of spaces

It generates a subtle field that reduces the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and telluric disturbances.
It is convenient to know the practice of dowsing for an optimal use of Spiral4health in harmonization of spaces.

And if we are 70% water

It is a resonator of harmonic and energetic geometric patterns of different life forms. It is possible that in the human body it acts at subtle levels and energy fields. Experiments have been carried out with darkfield microscopy in blood.